While the rest of the house has become more open plan to accommodate modern, sociable lifestyles, the bathroom has become a more private space, providing a respite from the daily grind.
With a wonderful hot shower or warm bath, the bathroom may provide that fleeting area of isolation as well as a perfect location to decompress from the worries of the day. Putting your mind at ease and allowing yourself to fully relax. 

Contemporary Style

The trademarks of contemporary-style bathrooms include clean simple lines, a clutter-free array of open space, and minimalist ornamentation. This sort of décor will feature a lot of polished hardwood, metal elements, and a clean and simple color palette.
To attain a visual contrast, light and dark elements are frequently combined. The focus of contemporary styling is on the details, and simplicity is at its center. In addition to worktops and flooring made of durable stone, wood, or tile, look for high-quality door pulls and knobs made of muted brushed metals.
The color palette for contemporary bathrooms are black-and-white scheme is common, but any high-contrast color scheme can work. 

Traditional Style

Bathrooms in the traditional style emphasize comfort, functionality, and practicality. In this style it’s common for there to be a use of polished sufaces, complimentary colors, the use of glass, tile, and marble.
With glistening and high-end materials, traditional bathrooms are ageless, pleasant, and sophisticated. Unlike austere modern bathrooms or trend-conscious contemporary bathrooms, they favor a good dose of decorative detail and timeless charm.
Traditional bathrooms have a pleasant and calming color pallet with deeper hues of blue, brown, gray, and wood tones for a richer aesthetic.

Beach Style

Bathrooms in the beachy style are inspired by the ocean and its natural beauty.
To generate a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, cool tones of watery blue and aqua are used. Jute fabrics, seashells, sand, ocean-themed art, and a variety of complementing hues can all be used as decorative elements. The cool and subtle blue and green colors are highlighted by crisp white accents, which give the bathroom a fresh burst of vitality.

Transitional Style

Bathrooms in the transitional style combine elements from the past and present by using both old and new unique features. Exotic finishes, such as wood, stone, and glass, are prominent in these types of bathrooms. Patterned floors, dark-finished metals, and artisan door handles are all examples of unique elements that can be found in a Transitional design.
By combining functionality and practicality, the Transitional bathroom effortlessly straddles the traditional and contemporary design spectrums, with just enough detailing to appeal to fans of both styles.
Colors are usually soft and gentle, whether they are chilly or warm. Blues, browns, greys, wood tones, shaker style vanities, and subway tiles are features that ensure it’s rich aesthetic.

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