Kitchens are ever evolving. Materials, concepts, and designs adapt to today’s busy and varied lifestyle. They are becoming the hub of the home. Where as before they were only a cooking space, now they’ve morphed into a living space where family and friends can gather and entertain.

No matter the style – modern, contemporary, transitional, or traditional, the kitchen will set the tone for your entire home.
Our team at Renov8 Design Studio will provide complete design and installation services to make your vision come to life. 

Modern / Contemporary Kitchen

A sleek and minimalist layout with clean lines and open spaces that combine functionality and luxury. The use of reflective material ensures that the light is maximized while the new storage options unveil the untapped resources of the space.

Thus, the kitchen becomes not only stylish, but strategic in other words perfection.

Transitional Kitchen

At the intersection of contemporary and traditional. The transitional kitchen is a bright, relaxed, and functional space. Often loaded with lots of storage and tons of charm. It’s versatile with a simple color palette and cohesive design, free of clutter and in our opinion one of the best options for open floor plan homes as it pulls and feeds from the surrounding rooms.

Traditional Kitchen

Timeless arched designs with ornate details, elaborate accessories, and a furniture like look are the trademarks for the classical traditional kitchen. From dark wood finishes to white paints, this kitchen expresses an inclination for luxury and elegance.

From over the top lighting to dramatic countertops, this traditional space will enhance the look of your house while still preserving the warmth and coziness that make a kitchen the heart of the home.

Coastal Kitchen

It’s all about color! From sea foam greens to light blues, whites and creams. The coastal kitchen is a bright, lively, and relaxing space. If decor, furniture, and artwork are present they are often seaside themed, thus everyday can feel like a vacation in this space. The most enduring cabinet style for this type of kitchen is the traditional white shaker that brightens this space and makes it seem bigger. Large islands make the coastal kitchen open and inviting, a serene space to spend time with family and friends.


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